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Intel®Education - Evolution of Education Environments

"Learning is evolution of knowledge over time." Roger E. Bohn, 1994

Deploying Education Environments for the 21st Century

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Deploying Education Environments for the 21st Century (Robert Fogel and Steve Gish, Intel Corporation) (.pps)
"In today’s economy, the most important resource is no longer labour, capital or land; it is knowledge.” Peter Drucker

Classroom of Tomorrow


Share Intel’s worldwide best practices for education; Education solution towards 21st Century challenges; Identify key ingredients of 1:1 education solution

  • Develop 21st-century skills: media literacy, critical and systems thinking, problem solving, collaboration, self-direction, global awareness, and civic literacy
  • Develop ICT skills: Word processing, online collaboration, Internet research, multimedia production, etc.
  • Improve student access to information: Intranet and Internet connectivity
  • Enhance school productivity: Teacher and administrator efficiency
  • Improve teaching practice: Improve teachers’ subject knowledge and improve pedagogical practices, and assist in planning objectives, structuring lessons, etc.
  • Improve students’ conceptual understanding: Use dynamic audiovisual representations to explain concepts and complex information
  • Facilitate collaboration: Group projects and improve communication among teachers, students, parents, and administrators

Education Objectives for the 21st Century

In Terms of the Student:

  • Improve the education process
  • Improve the education environment
  • Prepare students for higher education
  • Prepare students thrive in today's global economy
  • 21st century skills development

In Terms of a Country or Region:

  • Global economic competitiveness
  • Grow economy and retain talent pool
  • Improve social development

Intel® Education - Learning, Technology, Science

  • Digital Curriculum, collaborative rich-media applications, student software, teacher software
  • Improved Learning Methods, interactive and collaborative methods to help teachers incorporate technology into their lesson plans and enable students to learn anytime, anywhere
  • Professional Development, readily available training to help teachers acquire the necessary ICT skills
  • Connectivity and Technology, group projects and improve communication among teachers, students, parents and administrators