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"Learning is evolution of knowledge over time." Roger E. Bohn, 1994


Last updated: 2008-10-09

(Curent tentative list, with various degrees of certainty)

  • Dr. Jean-Pierre GERVAL, Yann LE RU - "Virtual Lab: Discovering through Simulation", European INTUITION Consortium member, Institut Supérieur de l’Electronique et du Numérique - Brest, FRANCE |
  • Dr. Jacques Tisseau, Thanh Hai Trinh, Cédric Buche - "Modeling of Errors Realized by a Human Learner in Virtual Environment for Training ", European INTUITION Consortium member, Université Européenne de Bretagne – ENIB – LISyc - CERV - Brest, FRANCE |
  • Thomas OSBURG, Olimpius ISTRATE - "Intel Education Initiative. Focus: Romania", Education Manager, Intel Europe - Munich, Germany, Education Manager, Intel Romania - Bucharest, Romania |
  • Dr. Mercat Christian, Dr. Mathieu Ippersiel, Department of Mathematics, Research Mathematics and Modelling Institute of Montpellier & Grenoble Area, France - "The Intergeo project: Interoperable Interactive Geometry for better teaching in Europe | Intergeo - Interoperable Interactive Geometry for Europe (All the major software in Europe are part of the project: Cabri, Geogebra, Cinderella, Geonext, Geoplan/Geospace, ZuL/CaR, TracEnPoche and others) | LINK
  • Prof. PhD Patrick Wessa - "Free Statistics Software, Office for Research Development and Education, Algorithms & Software", K.U.Leuven Association, Lessius Dept. of Business Studies, Belgium, Resa R&D - Office for Research, Development, and Education | | | Catholic University of Leuven - patrick[at]
  • (v1.0.0)-International Conference on Virtual Learning 2008 - Free Statistics Software (Calculator)- "Measurement and Control of Statistics Learning Processes based on Constructivist Feedback and Reproducible Computing"

    Cite this software as:
    Wessa P., (2008), ICVL 2008 (v1.0.0) in Free Statistics Software (v1.1.23-r1), Office for Research Development and Education, URL

  • Dr. Hamza-Lup Felix, Simona Clapan - "Simulation and Training with Haptic Feedback – A Review", Director NEWS Lab, Computer Science, Armstrong Atlantic State University, USA | | |
  • Dr. Alla Anohina, Marks Vilkelis, Romans Lukashenko - "Architecture and Working Principles of the Concept Map Based Knowledge Assessment System", Department of Systems Theory and Design, Riga Technical University, LATVIA |
  • Florin Ilia, Radu Jugureanu, Olimpius Istrate - "AEL e-Learning universal platform "; Advanced e-Learning Objects-First place in the "IT World Championship" (The World Summit Award-2005)
  • Dr. Marin Vlada, Prof. Radu Jugureanu - "E-Learning Technologies - Achievement and Perspectives", University of Bucharest, Siveco Romania - ICVL Project |
  • Catalin Gulan, Managing Partner - "Ubiq Window a Gate towards Virtual Reality", Brief Advertising and Marketing, Exclusively representing LM3LABS in Romania -