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Accommodation | The city of Jassy - ROMANIA

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"Learning is evolution of knowledge over time." Roger E. Bohn, 1994

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The city of Jassy - The city of ICVL 2009

George Emil Paladethe only Romanian laureate of Nobel prize, was born in Iasi in 1912. In 1961 he became a member of the National Academy of Science. Together with Keith Porter, he edited the magazine "The Journal of Cell Biology", the most important scientific publication in cellular biology field. In 1974 he received the Nobel prize for Physiology and Medicine. On 12th March 1986, the president Ronald Regan awarded him the National Medal for distinct merits in the field of science.

Iasi - general information |
- The capital of Iasi county; The second university centre in Romania
- Situated in North-Eastern Romania, at 47°10’ Northern latitude and 27°35’ Eastern longitude
- Population: 305.978 inhabitants; Total surface: 9391,36 hectares
- Climate: temperate continental; Height: 40 m (Bahlui’s meadow) – 407 m (Paun Hill)

Place of CNIV 2009 and ICVL 2009

LOCATION OF THE CONFERENCE - The conference will be held in the Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" of Iaşi
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Bd. Professor Dimitrie Mangeron, nr. 51- 53, 700050 IASI, ROMÂNIA
Tel : 0040-232-278683; Fax: 0040-232-237627
E-mail: decanat[at]

Transportation in JASSY, ROMANIA: Useful links
Train Schedule:
Iasi Airport:
Otopeni Bucharest Airport:

0) By plane to Bucharest. The international airport is Henri Coanda Otopeni International Airport, in Bucharest. It offers daily connections with every major city of Europe (

1) From airport to "Gara de Nord" railway station. There are two ways to reach those from the airport:

a) Firstly by bus EXPRES 783 (the station is in front of the arrivals terminal) till Piata Victoriei station. Then by tube from Piata Victoriei to Bucuresti Nord railway station (Gara de Nord, first stop).

b) By cabs, Fly Taxi, the official airport taxi carrier. The duration is between 30 and 50 minutes (depending on traffic).

2) By train from Bucharest to Iasi.
Train schedules can be checked, e.g. from the Romanian Railway Company C.F.R ( ) : Please fill in From: Bucuresti, To: Iasi and press Find. Then select From: Bucuresti Nord and press Search).

Have a good travel!


Travel information

Reservations can be made by contacting the hotel directly. Below are given some information about hotels in Iasi, located close to the location of conferences. A limited number of seats may be reserved at the written request of participants, by the organizing committee, in the university campus.

MOLDOVA Hotel - 3*
Iasi, Str. Anastasie Panu 31, 700028
Phone: 004-0232-260240, 0721-291748
Fax: 004-0232-219621, 004-0232-255975
Web Address:

UNIREA Hotel - 3*
Iasi, Piata Unirii 5, 700056
Phone: 004-0232-205006
Fax: 004-0232-205026
Web Address:

ASTORIA Hotel - 3*
Iasi, Str. Lapusneanu 1, 700057
Phone: 004-0232-233888
Fax: 004-0232-244777
Web Address:

DOROBANTI Hotel - 3*
Iasi, Str. Nicorita 26 (Bucsinescu)
Phone: 004-0232-415415
Fax: 004-0332-415415
Web Address:

Hotel T23 - 3* (university campus)
Iasi, Aleea Prof. Petrescu 5A
Phone: 004-0232-22043, 0724220042
Fax: 004-0232-220043
Web Address:

CERAMICA Hotel - 2* (university campus)
Iasi, Tudor Vladimirescu 103A
Phone: 004-0232-271427
Fax: 004-0232-271427
Web Address:

TUDOR PALACE Hotel - 3* (university campus)
Iasi, Str. Ciurchi 30
Phone: 004-0232-244010, 0746950061
Fax: 004-0232-244010
Web Address:

STUDIS Hotel - 3*
Iasi, Str. Otilia Cazimir 10
Phone: 0040232-107152
Fax: 0040232-107154
Web Address: -

About Romania

The geografy and population of Romania (Romania Tourism):

Romania is situated in South-Eastern part of Europe between latitudes 43 37' 07'' North and longitudes 20 15' 44'' East, extending approximately 480 km North to South and 640 km East to West.
With an area 238,391 and a population of 21.68 mil. (2003), compared to its neighbors Romania is as big as Bulgaria, Hungary and Republic of Moldova all together.
At the level of Europe, Romania represents 5.5% of the area of the European Union of the 27, and in terms of population 4.6%.

Climate: temperate; cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow and fog; sunny summers with frequent showers and thunderstorms.

Capital city: Bucharest, with a population of 2.2 millions; Administrative divisions: 41 counties.

Short history:

The principalities of Walachia and Moldavia - for centuries under the suzerainty of the Turkish Ottoman Empire - secured their autonomy in 1856; they united in 1859 and a few years later adopted the new name of Romania. The country gained recognition of its independence in 1878.
Romania joined NATO in March of 2004 and completed accession talks with the European Union (EU) in December 2004, becoming a full member of the EU on January 1st, 2007.

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