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"Learning is evolution of knowledge over time." Roger E. Bohn, 1994


Last updated: 2009-09-15

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(Curent tentative list, with various degrees of certainty)

  • HAMILTON PETER - "Digital education usage models for the classroom of the future", Head of Education Development Intel Performance Learning Solutions (peter.hamilton[at]|
  • OLIMPIUS ISTRATE - "Effective eLearning", University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences Bucharest, Romania, Education Manager, Intel Romania Bucharest (olimpiusx.istrate[at] |
  • Prof. PhD Patrick Wessa - "How to Model the Design Efficiency of the Virtual Learning Environment?", K.U.Leuven Association, Lessius Dept. of Business Studies, Belgium, Resa R&D - Office for Research, Development, and Education | | | Catholic University of Leuven - patrick[at]
  • Carmen Holotescu, Gabriela Grosseck - "Building Learning Communities on Microblogging Platforms. Study case:", Timsoft Timisoara and West University of Timisoara(cami[at], ggrosseck[at] ) |
  • Florin Ilia, Radu Jugureanu, Olimpius Istrate - "AEL e-Learning universal platform "; Advanced e-Learning Objects-First place in the "IT World Championship" (The World Summit Award-2005)
  • Dr. Marin Vlada, Prof. Radu Jugureanu - "E-Learning Technologies - Achievement and Perspectives", University of Bucharest, Siveco Romania - ICVL Project |

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